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How To Speed Up Internet In Mobile Phone By Changing Tower Signal

Posted By laxmi On 9:20 AM 8 comments
It is possible to speed up the internet by changing the signal from the default mobile tower to any other neighboring tower using an application called FieldTest. So we can choose any EDGE supported nearby tower to speed up the internet. This would be helpful for Airtel India internet users as Airtel does not provide EDGE facility in all its towers. This FieldTest application only works in s60 v3 symbian phones such as Nokia N73,N95 etc. I have successfully tested this in my N73 phone. It needs a bit of explanation to be able to install and use it. Follow below steps:
How to install Field Test:
To install FieldTest it need two other applications LCG Xplore and HelloCarbide.
- Download and install LCGXplore
- Download and Install HelloCarbide
- Download FieldTest(
- Now open LCG Xplore
- Press '0' and make sure the first 4 options are selected
- Goto phone memory and try accessing 'private' folder, you cant see that folder
- Now goto phone main menu without exiting Xplore and open HelloCarbide
- Press options ->Menu1 -> Yes, it exits automatically
- Now, return to Xplore, you can access 'private' and 'sys' folders now
Going back to the files of
-The files are arranged in folders
-Move files in
Cprivate101F457f to C/private/101F457f/
CPrivate10003a3fimportApps to C/Private/10003a3f/import/Apps/
CResourceApps to C/Resource/Apps/
CResourcePlugins to C/Resource/Plugins/
CSysBin to C/Sys/Bin/
Csystemappsdynbase to C/system/apps/dynbase/
-Exit xplore.
If u have done all steps correctly, you can see the FieldTest icon in applicationsRestart the phone and now open FieldTest.
How to use it to get EDGE connection or faster towers:
I stress it is not used to get the tower with better signals as this is done by the phone itself. What we are doing here is if you have a tower which is farther from you but has an EDGE connection while your nearest tower doesn't have edge ,then you can use this to get connected to that specified tower. This also helps if the tower nearest to you is very crowded and you get less speed, So you can use this to get connected to a farther tower which has less traffic and so will probably give you better speeds.
-Open the FieldTest, Navigate through the menus using up and down arrows
-Look up in menu 6.12. Here check the field "EGPRS support" if you get "0" here then you are using GPRS, if u get "1" here then you are getting EDGE
Getting tower information:
-Go to menu 1.03. This menu shows you the signals of neighboring towers your phone receives, Write down in a piece of paper the CH number (the first 3 digits of each line) for:
Serving cell info
Neighbour info
Neighbour info and so on till menu 1.05
Testing each tower:
We have collected the CH numberss of all the towers in your coverage. Let us test each of them to find which has EDGE connection
-Now go to menu 1.12-press "options"
-select "excecute"
-Under "input value" enter the CH number of the first tower, press OK
-Now in the BTS test instead of "OFF" you should now see the CH number you entered.You have successfully selected that tower
-Now go to menu 6.12, Here check the field "EGPRS support" if you get "0" here then you are using GPRS, if u get "1" here then you are getting EDGE,you may also check the download speed you getting with this tower
-Repeat this for each tower and decide which is the best for you
NOTE: You might have noticed that the tower which gives the highest download speed MAY NOT give you the best coverage(range), This is because you have selected a neighboring tower than the one near you, that is normal.That is it. Exit the application and enjoy.
To revert back to normal,just restart the phone.One more thing, This application has a lot of other features. Best thing to do is not to play with them.

How To Remove TAN from Hands / Legs / Skin / Body

Posted By laxmi On 9:19 AM 5 comments

Here I am going to suggest you some ways to remove TAN from your body.

Way 1: You can always remove tan from hands by applying a mixture of curd, haldi and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the tanned areas twenty minutes before you bath for three weeks this will reduce the tan. apart from applying the mixture take care that you are not over exposed to direct sunlight for the period you apply the mixture. When it is unavoidable apply a sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 15 or above 10 minutes before you go out in the sun. Reapply once in three hours if necessary

Way 2: You can also remove the tan by mixing honey and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply it in the tanned areas. this is a very effective home made bleach and it removes tan fast.

All Browser key Board Shortcuts [Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer]

Posted By laxmi On 9:17 AM 1 comments
Keyboard Shortcuts:

Alt + Left Arrow key : To go to back page

Alt + Right Arrow key : To go to next page

Alt + Home key : To go to Home page.

Ctrl + + : To increase font size.

Ctrl + - : To decrease font size

Ctrl + 0 : To Default font size

Ctrl + F : To search any text

Ctrl + G or F3 : To search again last searched

Ctrl + T : To create new tab

Ctrl + N : To create new window

Ctrl + Tab key : To select next tab

Ctrl + W : To close tab.

Ctrl + Shit + T : To restore recently closed tab.

Ctrl + Shift + W : To close window.

Ctrl + F4 : To close tab.

Alt + F4 : To close window

Ctrl + Shift + T : Open recently closed tab.

Ctrl + R : Reload

Ctrl + U : To view page source file

Ctrl + Tab key : To select next tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab key : To select previous tab

Ctrl + 9 : To select last tab

Alt + Enter key : When you typed URL in address bar and you want to open it in a new window then type URL and Press Alt + Enter key.

F11 : To full screen.

F5 : Reload

If you want to Add and Remove buttons in Firefox Standard toolbar by clicking View Menu select Customize in Toolbar option here you can add and remove buttons. To add new button select and drag and drop where you want.

Mouse Shortcuts

Shift + Scroll down button : To go back

Middle click on the tab : To close tab

Ctrl + Scroll Up : To decrease font size

Ctrl + Scroll Down : to increase font size

Double click on tab toolbar : To load new tab

How To Make Unlimited Calls World Wide for Free,Its Real Now!!

Posted By laxmi On 9:15 AM 1 comments
Here I am going to explain about the most exciting issue of the decade "MAKE UNLIMITED CALLS FOR FREE".How to do that? Do continue reading!

Tabrio Communications is a team of digital media professionals whose passion is connecting everyone with the people they care about.

How this site works : Just register to Tabrio and you will get 5$ free, with this credits you can call anywhere in the world for free and when 5$ gets over just delete browser cookies, restart your Modem and you can register you account again with 5$ as credits .
So visit and enjoy :

Note :
You will need a new email id each time you sign up for a new account, so you can use a temporary mail.

How To Protect Your Files and Folders [with Folder Lock]

Posted By laxmi On 9:12 AM 5 comments

Folder Lock is a fast file-security program that can password-protect,lock, hide and encrypt any number of files, folders, drives, picturesand documents in seconds. Protected files are hidden, undeletable,inaccessible and highly secure. It hides files from kids, friends and co-workers, safeguards them from viruses, trojans, worms and spyware, and even protects them from networked PCs, cable users and hackers.
Additional Options include Stealth Mode, Hacker Attempt Monitoring, Shred files, AutoLock, Auto Shutdown PC, Lock your PC, Erase PC tracks, 256-bit Blowfish Encryption and Context Menu in Explorer. It is Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98/98S compatible and works on all kinds of disk types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. Folder Lock is the most downloaded file-security program in the market today.
Files can also be protected on USB Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, CD-RW, floppies and notebooks. Protection works even if files are taken from one PC to another on a removable disk, without the need to install any software. It locks files in Windows, DOS and even Safe Modes.

click here to start your download

How To Prepare for GMAT | Tips To Prepare

Posted By laxmi On 9:09 AM 4 comments
What's GMAT?

It is a normal aptitude test like any other. Just because you do well than your neighbor does not make you smarter, and vice versa. You do not need a 780 on GMAT. What I normally hear is 700 is a good score as far as MBA schools are concerned. After that, they will start looking at how well-rounded your overall application package is, rather than how much over 700 you managed to get

How To prepare for GMAT?

1. First, scan through the Princeton Review book to get an idea of the test and what it really 'tests'. Try some of their question bins.

2. Register at and download the 2 free Powerprep tests they offer. Take one of them. These are much easier than the real thing, but would give you a good idea of where you stand. For example, a score of 680-700 should tell you that you can manage 730+ in the real GMAT if you give yourself 2 months. You can take the second test maybe a month later to boost your confidence.

3. Start on the Official Guide (or OG as it is known in GMAT speak!). My strategy was to divide up the questions so I could simulate the actual test everytime. So I would take 15 questions from each verbal section (3 x 15 = 45) and 20 questions from the two Quant sections (2 x 20 = 40) and take them without too many breaks. You could start timing yourself as well.

4. Maintain an excel spreadsheet (or a 4 squire notebook for the technologically challenged) to keep tabs on your performance in each section. I tracked things like my success percentage, average time taken per question etc. and I also noted down the questions I got wrong or had the most difficulty with. Revisiting them later helped me gauge my improvement. The 900 odd questons in the OG main book should take you around 10-12 days at this rate.

5. Now you can move on to the Kaplan book and go through their strategy, tips and practice questions. You can also simultaneously start working on the OG Verbal and Quant supplementary books.

6. You can start taking tests whenever you are comfortable. Apart from the 8 tests in the Princeton and Kaplan CDs, I also bought the 9 real GMAT tests available at They tend to repeat some OG questions, but I found them to be good practice. There are also couple of GMATPrep tests by Pearson VUE you are free to download from These are supposedly the closest approximations of the actual test, so you should keep them for the last week. As you can see, there are around 20 tests already listed here. Going at an inhuman rate of about one test every alternate day, you will need 40 days just to complete these tests. So the earlier you start with them the better.

7. The week before the test, take the 2 GMATPrep tests as mentioned earlier. You will probably end up with a similar score in the actual test unless you screw up real bad.

8. Somewhere along the way, you also need to prepare for the 2 AWA sections. I read some sample essays given in each of the books listed earlier, and started typing away on notepad. It helps to write the essay sections as well for the last 4-5 tests, just to improve your stamina and longevity.

Timeline To Prepare for GMAT:

The tricky part is when to schedule the test and how long do you need to prepare. If you can consistently manage 2 hours a day, then 2 months should be more than enough time to get a 700+ score. Ofcourse, I cannot generalize here, and people have different aptitudes for different things. So work it out for yourself. But one month into your prep, you should probably book your test date, so you cannot back out or procrastinate.

source of this info : internet

Easily Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk,Memory Cards,Mp3 Players,HDD,ipod With Recuva 1.25.4

Posted By laxmi On 9:08 PM 0 comments
Recuva (pronounced "recover") is a freeware Windows to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted from your iPod, or by bugs, crashes and Viruses!

Features Of Recuva:
>> Simple to use interface - just click 'Scan' and choose the files you want to recover
>> Easy to use filter for results based on file name/type
>> Simple Windows like interface with List and Tree view
>> Can be run from a USB thumb drive
>> Restores all types of files, office documents, images, video, music, email, anything.
>> Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 , NTFS + EFSfile systems
>> Restores files from removable media (SmartMedia, Secure Digital, MemoryStick, Digital cameras, Floppy disks, Jaz Disks, Sony Memory Sticks, Compact Flash Cards, Smart Media Cards, Secure Digital Cards, etc...)
>> Restores files from external ZIP drives , Firewire and USB Hard drives
>> It's fast, tiny and takes seconds to run!

click here to download..

How To Know If A Girl Likes | Loves You

Posted By laxmi On 9:32 AM 1 comments
  1. Smile at her. Do a natural smile - don't freak her out. If she smiles politely, or frowns and looks away, say goodbye to her. She is obviously freaked out by you. If she returns a soft or big smile and continues to look at you, then she is interested. If she smiles then darts over to the crowd of her friends and hides in the group then she may be nervous and curious if you know that she likes you.
  2. Watch for signs of flirting. If she's flirting, she may be difficult to read. Flirtatious girls may flirt with guys who they consider to be just friends, and it can be misconstrued as a crush. Because most girls do not want to be obvious, the flirtatious ones might flirt with you a little bit less or they might flirt with you even more. Either way, don't "flirt around". Do not flirt with other girls. If she ever sees you putting your arm around another girl or sees another girl hug you, she may jump to conclusions and assume she doesn't mean anything to you.
  3. Notice if she touches you more often than what friends do (she's constantly trying to touch your hand or something). If she finds excuses to do so, then you're probably on the right track. But conversely, don't assume that just because she isn't touching you that she doesn't like you. She may be too nervous of you to touch you yet. Break the touch barrier yourself.
  4. Observe how she looks at you. If she likes you, she will either hold it for a long time or pull away immediately. Either of these could mean that she likes you. If she pulls away quickly, it means she is nervous but she still likes you - which means that you should probably make the first move. If she holds the stare, then she is confident and she may make the first move. If you happen to glance at the girl and you see her staring back at you, then this means that she likes you, although she may quickly dart her head in a different direction. Look for her eyes to light up when she sees you or hears your name.
  5. Look at her friends. If you see most of her friends glancing back at you and smiling or giggling, this means that she is telling her friends about you. If her friends are loud and immature, you'll hear "(your name), (her name) likes you!" Her friends might be making it up, however, just to tease her. When she is having a conversation with her friends, and you come over, she might stop talking all of a sudden. This likely means you were the subject of the recently ended conversation. If she likes you and she told her friends about you, they might come up to you and start a random conversation about things such as: Who would you rather date?, Who do you like better?, Who is the hottest?, and such. If they name a list of about 3 people and her name is in the list, she probably told her friends about you and they're trying to search for clues to see how you feel about her.
  6. Look out for the damsel in distress. If you're outside and the girl you like is nearby and starts loudly saying "I'm cold!", that's a subtle hint that she wants you to give her your sweater. This is a very sweet gesture, especially if you want to show the girl that you like her. If there are other guys and she likes one of those guys, however, she might act disappointed when you offer yours to her first, in which case at least you'll know how she feels and can move on. Sometimes a girl will pretend to be really bad at something, and say that they can't do it. That is your cue to offer some assistance, and she will most likely be doing this on purpose just to see your reaction.
  7. Strike up a small conversation. This may help you learn little things that will come in handy in the future. All girls are different, so be aware of the signs. Listen to the tone of her voice: if she's shy, the tone of her voice might be a little higher and she might start to play with her hair (smoothing it down, twirling, flipping) or adjusting her clothes. Another sign she likes you is if she laughs at a normally boring or stupid joke. (Though, don't be dumb and use bad jokes as a test or you'll just look like a comedic loser.) She may not be able to look you straight in the eye and she might giggle a lot.

How To Use Your Nokia or Sony Ericsson Mobile as Live Web Cam

Posted By laxmi On 9:05 PM 0 comments
Have you ever think of using your symbian smartphone as a web cam ? If you haven’t then think of it now and make happen with Mobiola Web camera.
Turn your Symbian phone into a high-quality USB-based web camera with Mobiola Web Camera.
Very simple to install and configure, Mobiola Web Camera consists of two software components:(1) a client application that resides on the phone, and
(2) a webcam PC driver compatible with any Windows application that can receive video feeds from a web camera including Skype, Yahoo, MSN, AOL IM, ICQ messangers, etc..,
Resolution and frame rates comparable to some of the top-performing USB webcams on the market! Series 60 2nd Edition version and version with Bluetooth support are also available.
You can download the trail version available for your phone and the .sis file and the webcam ps driver comes in a single package a setup file so if you have problems in sending the .sis file find it the installed folder (Program files/app folder) and transfer it to your phone.

Note: Trial version limits single connections to 5 minutes and has 7 days evaluation period.Nokia PC Suite or DCU-2 drivers are required to be installed.

To use Mobiola Web Camera please disconnect the PC Suite from USB port


* Uses phone as a web camera
* Works as a web camera driver on PC
* Connects to the phone over USB
* Compatible with Skype, IM, Yahoo, YouTube and others.

Minimum Requirements:
* 8 MB of free disk space on PC, 68kb of free phone memory, 720kb run time memoryCompatible devices:Nokia 6600, 6620, 7610, 6630, 6670, 6260,6680, 6681, 6682, 3230, N70, N90, 3250, 5500, E50, E65, E70, N71, N73, N76, N80, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95Sony-Ericsson P800, P900, P910, P990

Future Prospects

* Screen capture video form the phone

Download Moboila Web Camera

How Do You Heal A Broken Heart ??

Posted By laxmi On 8:56 AM 0 comments
If you been in this such kinda situation? Have been dumped by a person who you love the most? or maybe you are the person who dump people. Yeah, the hardest part of any relationship is breaking up. and of coarse the hurt is always deeper for the person who has been dumped. The world seems to crumble into pieces when a relationship ends. Some would try to save the relationship in the hope that the mistake can be undone. This kind of situation is not good as they cannot live a normal life. They may cry for no reason.

If this is your first love, probably nothing was ever painful as this is. It's not just any girl, it's the first person that you fell in love with, you may have thought that you'd be together forever, the jokes you shared, wonderful memories, conversations are just hard to forget. Since now it's all gone, you think you will never be happy again, right?

If ever you have been deeply get hurt by a person whom you love most,
Here is how you heal it:

First things to do,
  1. Make some changes in you, rearrange your room, get some fresh air, get a hair cut. Don't just sit all day long, get out and do something. and give yourself enough time. Don't expect this to get better overnight.
  2. Cut all mean of communications with her. This is the only way! I know I know, you will feel like losing your best friend and hurt a lot but trust me! It'll only get better.

  3. You probably only remember the good times. But recall the bad times,that you spent with her,what you hated about her, things that you two never agreed upon.

  4. Just because this is over doesn't mean it's all over. Ask your friends about how they broke up in the past.

  5. Get some family, friends involved. Go out and have fun, movies, music, booze, work out. Whatever that makes your mind off this. Keep yourself occupied.

  6. Be honest about how you feel, and it's OK to feel good too, you don't have to be sad all the time - remember there are others who still care about you.

  7. Don't ask anyone about the girl, if someone refer to her as your girlfriend make sure they know that she's your ex girlfriend. Don't ask your friends about her, cut all communications like I said.

  8. Cry to the most extent how much you feel .It's OK to cry, even for a guy, and you'll feel much better after you do, just don't do it out in the public.

  9. You will not die! Although it feels like you are going to do die! you will NOT!

What could be in her mind? It takes two people to be in a relationship and one person to break it off. Although you feel the way you feel, may be it is meant to be this way. See from my personal experience I can tell you this is a very unfortunate situation to be in. It's ideal for two people to love each other so much and be in a relationship that would last forever. But know what son? Life ain't ideal.

If you really loved someone, then you'd know (at least after a while) that it's OK if they don't love you back, I heard. True love gives and expects nothing in return. I know, what I say might mean nothing to you (at least I was like that), it's hard to digest the pain of rejection, hearing someone say "move on things will be fine" is just bullshit eh? I hated whenever someone told me to "move on". You start to think about all that you've done for her, all the good times... all that. You know why you are still hurting from this? Because you haven't accepted it yet. Letting go means you accept that it's over. That you've lost, sometimes it's OK to accept that you've lost like in this situation you are in now. It will be for your good at the end. Just stop wondering what went wrong and all that shit. You think a text or a phone call won't do any harm but when they don't reply back, you feel shit.

If you keep worrying about this girl then you will give no chance for anyone else. And you could miss out on that special person who will love you back with the same intensity. Only when you stop chasing this girl, will you let that special person (could be your true love) into you.

Take it a day at a time, accept yourself for who you are, and most importantly forgive yourself for things you've done wrong (if you have). There will always be happiness around the corner bud. I think someone said, "you never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them" (or something like that). That's exactly what you should do.

Please please please Don't do what I have done. DO NOT GET OBSESSED. It's not love, it's completely delusional. I wouldn't even want my worse enemy to be in this situation, yes PL, it's you. (This PL was the worst enemy of B on that particular forum)

Delete her phone number off your cell phone, throw away all her pictures and the pictures you both were in (well at least hide them so you can't see them anymore). Delete her from your messenger. Remove her from Facebook.

If you want to talk to someone and you can't seem to find anyone to talk to, go to yahoo answers and ask a question about break up and tell em how you feel. You will be surprised by the number of answers you get.

Listen to some music. Some say, it's not good to listen to sad songs in this situation, but I say bullshit. Even emo would do, listen to a band called Amber Pacific. If you are into just rock then listen to Matchbox 20 even that would do. Lets see, if you are into Alternative, Indie, Punk, Punk/Rock, Emo, Ska Punk, Skate Punk, Hardcore Punk, Garage Punk, Glam Punk, Celtic Punk, or any other punk genre I'll give you some cool bands to listen to.

Generic volume cannot be stopped right now while Removing Pen Drive:Resolve Error

Posted By laxmi On 9:22 AM 0 comments
When you try to remove a USB pen-drive by using “Safely Remove Hardware > Safely remove USB Mass Storage device” option, windows should stop all the read-write operations on the drive so that the drive can be removed.

But sometimes when you try to eject the USB device by using “Safely remove USB Mass Storage device” option, it shows a message box which says:The Device Generic volume cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device later”In such case its not safe to remove the pen drive as it can get corrupt or get damaged. Many of us face such problem in removing pen-drive. In this post we will see how to fix such issue.

First Let’s see why it happens and the fix for that.This error comes when you have an application which is running from your pen drive or may be some file or document opened from your pen-drive when you are removing your drive.In short, some file on your pen drive is in use by some other program on that computer. So close all such files or applications and try removing the drive.It happens sometimes that you have no application running from your pen drive or any file opened in your knowledge but still when you try to remove the pen-drive it shows this error message shown above. In that case you can use a free application called Unlocker which will help you to remove your pen drive from your windows.

What is Unlocker?
Unlocker is an explorer extension that allows you with a simple right-click of the mouse on a file, folder or pen drive to get rid of error message like the one mentioned above.

How To Remove USB Pen Drive with Unlocker?

step 1: Download Unlocker from here and install it on your computer.
step 2: Right click on your USB pen drive in my computer and select Unlocker.
step 3: A new window will open that will list all the busy handles of files being used on your pen drive. Now click the button which says Unlock AllAfter clicking Unlock All try to remove your pen drive normally, through “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog.
If still you are not able to remove pen drive then try clicking the Kill Process button in Unlocker.

Tips To Prepare CAT Entrance Test How To Clear CAT Exam

Posted By laxmi On 9:22 AM 5 comments
Those who are preparing for Cat Test after their CBSE 12th board exams here are some important points and tips for scoring high marks in CAT MBA Test. It is very important to maintain speed with accuracy in CAT exams then how to deal with this problem that has become the problem of almost all the students while preparing for CAT (Common Admission Test).

Try for clue: Read the question and try to find out any clue from the answers given. If it is possible then it will save your time and a small calculation will make your thinking right.

Decimals questions: it has been usually seen that decimal questions are little bit of time consuming so don’t give so much time and skip that if you are not able to find out the accurate answer for that.

How to solve question: make it your habit to guess the next step while doing first, it will give you clue and will save your time if you are able to find out right choice before the completing the entire question. But don’t go for a wild guess. If you are able to find the right choice before solving the entire question, it will save you time and that can be used in several others.

For example if there you solving a simple step like then calculate it in your mind and don’t go for solve it in writing.8/48 + 7/42 = 1/3

Don’t go for lcm or divide, make your mind calculate these simple steps with one go in your mind. These types of simple calculation save your lots of time.

Pre-planning: before appearing for the exam, you must make plan how to solve the paper, what trick is best one. For example if you are starting long question surely it will take you time and if you got puzzle in between then it will low down your confidence. So what is the best trick is that try to solve simple question first. These questions will take little time and give you full marks, plus will also boots your confidence.

Some times students forget to attempt question even knowing the solution. Its always happens in hurry. So always mark question with different symbol for example

Marks right symbol for those you have solved.Marks Circle for those you don’t are confusedFor those you don’t have any idea mark as crossIf you are skipping any question marks it as S.These symbols will help a lot and will save time as well.

How to attempt questions?
First attempt the simple and easiest
Second attempt hard one that consume little time
Third attempt all those which are lengthy
At last look at your problems.

Always remember to skip the questions that you feel difficult and move to next. Hope these tips to prepare cat MBA will help you to save your time and attempting all the questions with accuracy in your cat examination this year.

Tips for IIT JEE Preparation | How to prepare for IIT JEE

Posted By laxmi On 11:10 PM 0 comments
To get a top rank in IIT and JEE is very difficult. Some student prepare well, do very hard work but still not able to get the good marks. There reason is strategy and some useful tips. Here are some useful tips and tricks for the students to get a well rank in IIT and JEE examinations.

Try to face the pressure, learn the technique to cope with the pressure as many talented and good students could not perform better due to pressure. So it’s very important how to avoid pressure.

Try to make your self punctual and always be on time. Always show interest in your subject and bring a feeling of love for that.

Motivation is also very important, if you are always motivated by your parents and colleagues, you will get new strength of learning every time.

Work very hard, as this is only the short cut method of success. You should make your mind sharp and sharper by solving kinds of problem in particular subject.

Don’t, avoid and don’t let your mind irritate with difficult questions and problems. Try to solve that at any cost. First try to solve that with your own and then ask for any help.

Work Hard – Make your mind ready to solve any problem – Devote maximum time to your study as you can.

Call Your Friends From Their Own Cell Number | An Exciting Trick

Posted By laxmi On 8:18 AM 1 comments
Hello Friends,

After "Make Free Phone Calls From PC to mobile for free" trick today I am shanring With you a extremely Funny Prank or you can simply say "Call Your Friends From Their Own Cell Number".
I am Sharing My Second Mobile Extreme Prank With You all. Enjoy and Have Fun And GO on Reading...

Mobile hack to call your friends:

1. Go to http://www.mobivox. com and register there for free account.

2. During registration, remember to insert Victim mobile number in "Phone number" field as shown below.

3. Complete registration and confirm your email id and then login to your account. Click on "Direct WebCall".

4. You will arrive at page shown below. In "Enter a number" box, select your country and also any mobile number(you can enter yours). Now, simply hit on "Call Now" button to call your friend with his own number.

5. That's it. Your friend will be shocked to see his own number calling him.

If you are facing Any Problem Ask me I am there to help you Out . Enjoy and have Fun.

Hint: Instead of making a prank call you can also give ur mobile number or landline number in the VICTIMS Number as shown in Step 2 and enter your desired International Phone Number in the step 4 to make free International phone calls until you have your free credits. When u make the Direct Web Call, your Phone number rings and when u pick up the phone it makes contact with your desired international Number. This allows you to make Free Phone to Phone Calls using PC.
This Site is intentionally designed for this purpose only.

Note: The Server allows us to Sign-Up only once with the Current IP Address.

Warning: This Prank is considered to be the most extreme Cyber Crime according to our Indian Legislative Laws as this involves next level of spoofing Telecommunication Numbers. So Play this trick Safely with your friends.

How to attract a men (clues that makes most women attractive to men)

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In fact every woman sends out signals to men. Most men can detect and read your signals in a matter of seconds. The first pulses you emit are your dress and your body language.
It’s incredibly easy for a woman to attract attention from men. Just wear skin-tight, thigh-length, revealing clothing. You’ll get lots of male attention. But will it be the kind of attention you want? Fishermen insist that the fish you catch is determined by the bait you use.
Would you like to make yourself more appealing to a man who will be attracted to you as a person and not as an object? If so, remember these tips to keep in mind when trying to attract a man.
Confidence is the number one attraction. Being more confident with yourself and your surroundings will attract someone that is equal to you. You will also notice that more people are drawn to you.
Appearance is also a big issue. Your appearance and body language may catch his attention, but it takes personality and charm to sustain a man's interest.
Realize you only have one chance to make a good first impression. If he sees you when you are at your worst then he will not want to look a second time.
Give a man a reason to think about you. Wear a lingering fragrance that haunts his memory, soft clothes that he yearns to touch and a smile that he can't get out of his mind. And don’t forget to leave a little something to the imagination. An air of mystery can be provocative and appealing to a man.
Make him feel important by focusing your full attention on him. Listen intently to what he has to say and respond with respect for his opinions, laugh at his jokes no matter how lama they are, take an interest in his interests.
And finally – don't try and be something you are not. He will be falling for a false idol and will not want to know you when he sees the real you. Let him know you're different from all the rest. Emphasize your originality through your personality, intelligence and behavior.

How To Make Unlimited Calls World Wide for Free

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Here I am going to explain about the most exciting issue of the decade "MAKE UNLIMITED CALLS FOR FREE".How to do that? Do continue reading!

Tabrio Communications is a team of digital media professionals whose passion is connecting everyone with the people they care about.

How this site works :
ust register to Tabrio and you will get 5$ free, with this credits you can call anywhere in the world for free and when 5$ gets over just delete browser cookies, restart your Modem and you can register you account again with 5$ as credits .
So visit and enjoy :

Note : You will need a new email id each time you sign up for a new account, so you can use a temporary mail

Show Blog Post Title First on Search Engine | Blogger Tips

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Normally If you put any template your Blog title appears first followed by Blog post title in search engine and it decreases your blog traffic.

For example, your blog title is "computer-mobile-internet-utility-blog" and blog post title "how to speed up internet ". If anybody search for this post , he may see this post in search engine like this:

computer-mobile-internet-utility-blog : how to speed up internet

So visitors will not get any idea about your blog post content after seeing this headline. As a result no of visitors will decrease though search engine may ranked your Blog post on 1st page. I think now it would be clear that why to show the blog posts title first.

Below is the procedure to solve this problem

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: From Dashboard select Layout then click on Edit HTML.

Step 3: Then search for this tag"" . Normally it is located in section and search for this code.

Now If you want to Show Blog Post Title First + then Blog Title, replace <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> tag with the following code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title>

I hope this trick will help you to drive more traffic to your Blogs or Websites. It also increases SEO of your Blogger Blog. Post a comment if you have any query. Thanks a lot !!

How To Remove Computer Virus Without Using Antivirus Program

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Here I am gonna suggest the approaches that I'm using to remove the viruses. It works 95% of the time.Usually, Viruses install themselves in the startup, so they can rerun every time Windows start.
The key thing is to remove them is to disable them from running when Windows start.Here are some methods I use.

WAY 1:
Go to Run, and type msconfig
Go to StartUp and click Disable All
Restart the machine.
This will normally disable all the programs running in the start, so the virus.

WAY 2:
System Restore
I always try this step first, restore the machine to an earlier time. But most of the time this doesn't work because viruses turn it off.
Go to Run
paste this

WAY 3:
Rename suspicious files
After step 1, go to task manager, if you still see some weird processes (this lists might help) Find the file and rename it, then restart the machine. This method can even kill the chain processes. (Processes running each other).

CTRL+ALT+DEL to run task manager->Processes

WAY 4:
Turn off System Restore and Turn it back on.
Viruses aren't getting any dumper, they use System restore as reproduction environment. By turning System Restore off, you actually delete the entire restore points and possible reproduction of viruses.
Right click my Computer->Properties->System Restore
Check the Turn off System Restore, then check it out again


Here is an video article too,so please do have a look on it...

How to forget someone you love | a girl | your first love

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If ever you have been deeply get hurt by a person whom you love most,Here is how you heal it:

  1. Make some changes in you, rearrange your room, get some fresh air, get a hair cut. Don't just sit all day long, get out and do something. and give yourself enough time. Don't expect this to get better overnight.
  2. Cut all mean of communications with her. This is the only way! I know I know, you will feel like losing your best friend and hurt a lot but trust me! It'll only get better.

  3. You probably only remember the good times. But recall the bad times,that you spent with her,what you hated about her, things that you two never agreed upon.

  4. Just because this is over doesn't mean it's all over. Ask your friends about how they broke up in the past.

  5. Get some family, friends involved. Go out and have fun, movies, music, booze, work out. Whatever that makes your mind off this. Keep yourself occupied.

  6. Be honest about how you feel, and it's OK to feel good too, you don't have to be sad all the time - remember there are others who still care about you.

  7. Don't ask anyone about the girl, if someone refer to her as your girlfriend make sure they know that she's your ex girlfriend. Don't ask your friends about her, cut all communications like I said.

  8. Cry to the most extent how much you feel .It's OK to cry, even for a guy, and you'll feel much better after you do, just don't do it out in the public.

  9. You will not die! Although it feels like you are going to do die! you will NOT!

How To See Hidden Files In Windows XP / Vista

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By default, users are not not supposed to see the hidden files. So the standard way is to go to the “Tools > Folder Options” in Explorer.

Then browse to the “View” tab, in the window like shown in picture 2.

Select the radio button corresponding to “Show hidden files and folders”. Then apply this setting.Close all the explorer windows and then open one Explorer window to check the effect of the new setting.

You can also change this settings in the registry!!

For that type regedit” (without quotes) in the RUN command and press enter.

Then browse to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced”.

In the right hand area, double click on “Hidden”. And change the value to 1.Now close the all the explorer windows. Log off and log in. You should see the effects of your registry change. The hidden files will be shown in the explorer.

How To Increase Airtel GRPS Connection Downloading Speed

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This post explains you about how to increase the speed of airtel dsl DNS servers so that we experience increased speed in gprs and airtel broadband connections.since sometimes it tooks about 4 seconds for a query or it gets timed up due to the overload of the airtel server.

So i started using OpenDSN server - which is a free and powerful DNS service. Use following DNS server address:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS Server:


step 1: Click on Start button > Settings > Control Pannel> Network Connections

step 2: Right click on YOUR "airtel dialup connection" or your Internet connection,
Click on Properties button.

step 3: iN general TAB, Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

step 4: Click on Properties button and Look for Preferred DNS Server:

step 5: Enter the following values there,

step 6: Save and close the windows. If you are using old version of windows you may need to reboot the system...

To test new setting go to Start > Run > Type cmd
Type nslookup command
Now type domain name[/]

Now experience good speed, better than previous connection speed.Feel free to drop you comments

How To Use Orkut In Mobile (faster access)

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Orkut mobile software is available for iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian, Java Samsung LG and SonyEricsson phones.

Orkut mobile software is available for iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian, Java Samsung LG and SonyEricsson phones .

Orkut already have a mobile version of their web portal for easy access from handsets. Here the features are limited to make it accessible from all mobile phones. New Orkut mobile application is extremely user friendly and can even upload and share photos from installed mobile device. Download Orkut mobile software.


Search Orkut friends . Read and Replay to scraps Accept friends request. Update Orkut status . Share or upload photos to orkut album (in supported phones) Call or SMS Orkut friends directly from application .

click here to download

How To Increase Speed of Aircel GPRS Connection

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Here I am going to share the things on how to increase the speed of the aircel gprs. The main reason for the speed is the type of the phone we were using and if we were using a costlier phone then we can get a high speed and viceversa , Apart from this we can also use some softwares such as internet cyclone to boost your speed. It is a best one to improve the speed of aircel gprs, so use it and increase the speed of aircel gprs. some of the features of internet cyclone are

>>Boost your speed to 200% by optimizing your settings

>>It is compatible with all type of modems and high speed internet connections such as Lan, Isdn , Cable, Dsl , T1 and others

>>You can surf download and email faster using this software

How To Reduce Exam Stress ?? (few adaptable tips)

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Tips for Reducing Exam Stress

1.It’s never too late to make a revision plan or timetable. Doing so will help you prioritise your work. But be realistic!

2.Schedule regular breaks and do take them. Make breaks longer as the day goes on. Most people can only concentrate fully for about 45 minutes at a time.

3.Avoid late night revisions. Work on your most difficult subjects during your ‘peak’ study hours.

4.Try to get enough sleep – tiredness promotes anxiety. Spend some time unwiding before you go to bed.

5.Make sure you spend some time relaxing and having fun.

6.Consider revising with friends – splitting responsibility for obtaining photocopies and revision nots can save a lot of time.

7.Avoid people who create panic. It can be contagious! Try not to have post mortems of each exam as this can increase the anxiety level about later papers.

8.Study always in quiet area away from noises and people in the house. Make sure your desk is tidy and organized as it will enable you to find all relevant information at one place instead of searching all over the house.

9.Make a ‘to do ‘ list before each study session. Breaking tasks down into small and manageable tasks will make it less overwhelming.

10.Look for past exam papers. They can give a fair idea of the examination pattern. It can help you in identifying the areas where you need more practice.

11.Don’t get distracted by the phone or emails.

12.Write down key concepts you have learned on small sheets and paste them around your house.

13.It helps remembering things like equations, quotes and date etc.

14.Writing practice should be done by solving different questions.

15.Deep breathing, yoga or any other relaxation techniques improve concentration.

16.Quickest and most effective way of elimination stress is to shut down your eyes and take deep breaths.

17.Never fear exams, avoid panic and do not worry about your results. Give your best shots and move over.

18.Eat right to beat stress

19.Cut down on table salt and other sources of sodium.

20.Drink only moderate amount of coffee and tea and remember that caffeine is present in both. Caffeine and nicotine are stress stimulates.

21.You should have eight big glasses of fluid daily. This helps to flush waste products out of the body.

22.Eat food rich in potassium like oranges and bananas.

23.Be sure to get enough calcium as you tend to lose it when you are stressed. Try ot have at least two glasses of skimmed milk everyday.

24.Intake of Vitamin Band C is important. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, milk, egg etc.

25.Try smaller meals frequently, rather than big ones. The additional small meals can be afternoon or bedtime snacks.

26. Visualize Positive things and have positive attitude before going to examination hall.

Some tips for parents

1.Students can fail to do well if they fail to cope with stress. Parents should guide their children in planning, organizing and setting a time table.

2.Parents must provide right kind of motivation and a conductive environment.

3.Help the child to develop self- discipline, self- confidence, self –direction and a sense of achievement.

4.The achievement goals should be realistically set according to the child’s capability. Do not impose your anxieties and expectations on him/her.

5.Humour relieves tension. Be light and humorous with the child.

6.Discuss his problems with him and help him to find a solution.Exams are not the end of the world.

7.Accept that expectation for everyone to do well is unrealistic as many won’t pursue this for long.

How To Get a Girl Friend

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Have good personal hygiene. You don't have to be Brad Pitt to get women. For the most part, just caring about how you look is enough. Wear new clothes that fit, and make sure that your body is clean (important).

Keep up a good posture, walk steadily and smile. Women do n0t like slouchers. Bad posture gives an air of lack of confidence. Smiling makes a guy more welcoming. A good walking style, (straight back, a hand in the pocket and taking well distanced strides) gives the impression of intelligence.

Adapt your appearance. Clean up for a high-class city girl. Dress down f0r the fun-loving motorbike chick.

Pick a location frequented by a significant number of girls where you feel fairly comfortable, perhaps a place that is conducive to a skill 0f yours: music, public speaking, or a private intimate conversation.

Go out and have a good time. Guys who stare and walk around constantly looking for women immediately lower their value. Go out with your friends to a bar or club (or any public place, such as a bookstore, if you are more of the studious type) and start out by genuinely having a good time. The Internet does not count.

Be funny and humourous. If you're not naturally funny, don't try T00 hard around her. Pitch jokes to other people first and see how the jokes do with them. If you get no laughs there, just pray, because it's gonna be hard winning a girl without humor.

Connect with her. Find out what you have in common, and reward her with a smile and a story of your own if she tells you something unique about herself that you can relate to. WARNING: If she gives you something like "0h, I like to go shopping", don't reward her for that. It's not unique.Instead, ask for more information and then connect with it.

Look and touch. Looking into a girl's eyes shows respect and interest. A firm handshake, a gentle pat on the back, a light touch of the hand and other subtle gestures allow the girl t0 feel connected with the guy.

Don't pretend to be someone you aren't, you may think you will win her over with like mindedness, but in the end she will find you out. Find a common interest, something you both like instead.

Show your interest. The best way to get out of the "friend trap" is t0 avoid it from the start. After finding common interests, make your intentions clear. "You know, I just realized it. Not only are you pretty, but you're fun to talk to."Ask for her number. Give her your phone, tell her "Put your number in my phone and I'll call your phone so you'll have mine."

And once you establish that special, exclusive relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend do not--I repeat--do not stop the chivalry. Women are too special to only be waited on conditionally. The best way to show her you care is to continue to do the little things f0r her. You still need to open her car door, walk her home, kiss her goodnight. ALWAYS call her at night to bid her goodnight (it's best to wait a few hours after your date to do this, otherwise you'll seem a tad desperate.)
Remember, show affection and respect and you'll get affection and respect.

Finally Feel always great. The feeling will radiate and affect the lady too.

How to charge USB based devices without a Computer / Laptop

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Normally in todays scenario we all be having so many USB based devices which can be charged only via USB ports, like portable music players, digital cameras etc. But when we go out for a trip or a long tour, it is going to be a huge problem to keep them charged all the time. Ofcourse you can’t carry a laptop or PC to just charge them! Here is a solution for that! You can buy a Universal USB Charger which is been sold by many merchants on eBay over here. You can plug this adapter to normal AC 230 volts points. Adapter simply steps down the 230V AC into 5 volts DC which is the voltage USB ports provide. These adapters are available for aroundRs.200 only.

How to Improve My Concentration Power ?

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Some intriguing Techniques to improve our concentration are :

1. Do each and every thing more attentively, for eg when you will drive a, car just drive a car.

2. Try to do each and every thing perfectly.Yes , try to reduce errors as much as possible.

3. Decide that you will never use eraser while writing, you will always write correct words at first chance.

4. Improve your reading skill.Try to read as fast as possible, As much as you reduce time as much brain concentrates more.

5. Try to analyze things more deeply. Yes we never see things deeply , we do not even notice our surroundings , if I ask you that which was the last time when you saw moon? Don't you remember? It shows your analyzing power.

6. Try to memorize things which are happening around you. Decide that you have to remember each and every thing happening with you.

7.Whenever you feel that your concentration is disturbing start counting in reverse order from 10 to 1.

If you use these techniques correctly your concentration will improve in remarkable way.It's for sure !!

Please do make an attempt if you are need off !

How To Get Fair In 10 Days

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Mostly we see every body wants to know how to get a fair skin. There are so many skin care products are available in market to improve your skin complexion but here I will explain about some easy home tips to improve your skin complexion with available products of daily use in your home. I will suggest some tips that you have to apply. Choose any tip and apply regularly. You will see how your skin complexion improves to get a fair complexion.
Apply following tips
>> Take equal amount of lemon juice and honey, mix it well and apply it on face and whole body leave it for half an hour and wash.
>> Take Gram flour and milk to create a smooth paste and mix about 4 to 5 drops of lemon juice in it. Mix it well and apply this paste on face and neck. When it dries up, wash it with water. Repeat this tips once in a week.
>> Take equal part of Yogurt and Tomato juice mix it well and apply it on your face and neck leave it for 20 minutes. and wash with water.
>> Take cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal part mix it well and apply this mixture on your face and body. Leave for half and hour and wash with water.
>> Take 4 table spoon full of Gram flour and add 1/2 teaspoon full of turmeric powder mix it well add some water to become a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and body. Leave it to dry and wash it with water.
>> Take grated Reddish or its juice and apply it on your face and body parts and leave for 15 mts and wash with water.
If you apply these tips regularly, you will see a magical effect on your skin complexion and your skin will become fairer gradually.