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How Do You Heal A Broken Heart ??

Posted By laxmi On 8:56 AM Under
If you been in this such kinda situation? Have been dumped by a person who you love the most? or maybe you are the person who dump people. Yeah, the hardest part of any relationship is breaking up. and of coarse the hurt is always deeper for the person who has been dumped. The world seems to crumble into pieces when a relationship ends. Some would try to save the relationship in the hope that the mistake can be undone. This kind of situation is not good as they cannot live a normal life. They may cry for no reason.

If this is your first love, probably nothing was ever painful as this is. It's not just any girl, it's the first person that you fell in love with, you may have thought that you'd be together forever, the jokes you shared, wonderful memories, conversations are just hard to forget. Since now it's all gone, you think you will never be happy again, right?

If ever you have been deeply get hurt by a person whom you love most,
Here is how you heal it:

First things to do,
  1. Make some changes in you, rearrange your room, get some fresh air, get a hair cut. Don't just sit all day long, get out and do something. and give yourself enough time. Don't expect this to get better overnight.
  2. Cut all mean of communications with her. This is the only way! I know I know, you will feel like losing your best friend and hurt a lot but trust me! It'll only get better.

  3. You probably only remember the good times. But recall the bad times,that you spent with her,what you hated about her, things that you two never agreed upon.

  4. Just because this is over doesn't mean it's all over. Ask your friends about how they broke up in the past.

  5. Get some family, friends involved. Go out and have fun, movies, music, booze, work out. Whatever that makes your mind off this. Keep yourself occupied.

  6. Be honest about how you feel, and it's OK to feel good too, you don't have to be sad all the time - remember there are others who still care about you.

  7. Don't ask anyone about the girl, if someone refer to her as your girlfriend make sure they know that she's your ex girlfriend. Don't ask your friends about her, cut all communications like I said.

  8. Cry to the most extent how much you feel .It's OK to cry, even for a guy, and you'll feel much better after you do, just don't do it out in the public.

  9. You will not die! Although it feels like you are going to do die! you will NOT!

What could be in her mind? It takes two people to be in a relationship and one person to break it off. Although you feel the way you feel, may be it is meant to be this way. See from my personal experience I can tell you this is a very unfortunate situation to be in. It's ideal for two people to love each other so much and be in a relationship that would last forever. But know what son? Life ain't ideal.

If you really loved someone, then you'd know (at least after a while) that it's OK if they don't love you back, I heard. True love gives and expects nothing in return. I know, what I say might mean nothing to you (at least I was like that), it's hard to digest the pain of rejection, hearing someone say "move on things will be fine" is just bullshit eh? I hated whenever someone told me to "move on". You start to think about all that you've done for her, all the good times... all that. You know why you are still hurting from this? Because you haven't accepted it yet. Letting go means you accept that it's over. That you've lost, sometimes it's OK to accept that you've lost like in this situation you are in now. It will be for your good at the end. Just stop wondering what went wrong and all that shit. You think a text or a phone call won't do any harm but when they don't reply back, you feel shit.

If you keep worrying about this girl then you will give no chance for anyone else. And you could miss out on that special person who will love you back with the same intensity. Only when you stop chasing this girl, will you let that special person (could be your true love) into you.

Take it a day at a time, accept yourself for who you are, and most importantly forgive yourself for things you've done wrong (if you have). There will always be happiness around the corner bud. I think someone said, "you never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them" (or something like that). That's exactly what you should do.

Please please please Don't do what I have done. DO NOT GET OBSESSED. It's not love, it's completely delusional. I wouldn't even want my worse enemy to be in this situation, yes PL, it's you. (This PL was the worst enemy of B on that particular forum)

Delete her phone number off your cell phone, throw away all her pictures and the pictures you both were in (well at least hide them so you can't see them anymore). Delete her from your messenger. Remove her from Facebook.

If you want to talk to someone and you can't seem to find anyone to talk to, go to yahoo answers and ask a question about break up and tell em how you feel. You will be surprised by the number of answers you get.

Listen to some music. Some say, it's not good to listen to sad songs in this situation, but I say bullshit. Even emo would do, listen to a band called Amber Pacific. If you are into just rock then listen to Matchbox 20 even that would do. Lets see, if you are into Alternative, Indie, Punk, Punk/Rock, Emo, Ska Punk, Skate Punk, Hardcore Punk, Garage Punk, Glam Punk, Celtic Punk, or any other punk genre I'll give you some cool bands to listen to.

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