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All Browser key Board Shortcuts [Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer]

Posted By laxmi On 9:17 AM Under ,
Keyboard Shortcuts:

Alt + Left Arrow key : To go to back page

Alt + Right Arrow key : To go to next page

Alt + Home key : To go to Home page.

Ctrl + + : To increase font size.

Ctrl + - : To decrease font size

Ctrl + 0 : To Default font size

Ctrl + F : To search any text

Ctrl + G or F3 : To search again last searched

Ctrl + T : To create new tab

Ctrl + N : To create new window

Ctrl + Tab key : To select next tab

Ctrl + W : To close tab.

Ctrl + Shit + T : To restore recently closed tab.

Ctrl + Shift + W : To close window.

Ctrl + F4 : To close tab.

Alt + F4 : To close window

Ctrl + Shift + T : Open recently closed tab.

Ctrl + R : Reload

Ctrl + U : To view page source file

Ctrl + Tab key : To select next tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab key : To select previous tab

Ctrl + 9 : To select last tab

Alt + Enter key : When you typed URL in address bar and you want to open it in a new window then type URL and Press Alt + Enter key.

F11 : To full screen.

F5 : Reload

If you want to Add and Remove buttons in Firefox Standard toolbar by clicking View Menu select Customize in Toolbar option here you can add and remove buttons. To add new button select and drag and drop where you want.

Mouse Shortcuts

Shift + Scroll down button : To go back

Middle click on the tab : To close tab

Ctrl + Scroll Up : To decrease font size

Ctrl + Scroll Down : to increase font size

Double click on tab toolbar : To load new tab
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