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How To Speed Up Internet In Mobile Phone By Changing Tower Signal

Posted By laxmi On 9:20 AM 8 comments
It is possible to speed up the internet by changing the signal from the default mobile tower to any other neighboring tower using an application called FieldTest. So we can choose any EDGE supported nearby tower to speed up the internet. This would be helpful for Airtel India internet users as Airtel does not provide EDGE facility in all its towers. This FieldTest application only works in s60 v3 symbian phones such as Nokia N73,N95 etc. I have successfully tested this in my N73 phone. It needs a bit of explanation to be able to install and use it. Follow below steps:
How to install Field Test:
To install FieldTest it need two other applications LCG Xplore and HelloCarbide.
- Download and install LCGXplore
- Download and Install HelloCarbide
- Download FieldTest(
- Now open LCG Xplore
- Press '0' and make sure the first 4 options are selected
- Goto phone memory and try accessing 'private' folder, you cant see that folder
- Now goto phone main menu without exiting Xplore and open HelloCarbide
- Press options ->Menu1 -> Yes, it exits automatically
- Now, return to Xplore, you can access 'private' and 'sys' folders now
Going back to the files of
-The files are arranged in folders
-Move files in
Cprivate101F457f to C/private/101F457f/
CPrivate10003a3fimportApps to C/Private/10003a3f/import/Apps/
CResourceApps to C/Resource/Apps/
CResourcePlugins to C/Resource/Plugins/
CSysBin to C/Sys/Bin/
Csystemappsdynbase to C/system/apps/dynbase/
-Exit xplore.
If u have done all steps correctly, you can see the FieldTest icon in applicationsRestart the phone and now open FieldTest.
How to use it to get EDGE connection or faster towers:
I stress it is not used to get the tower with better signals as this is done by the phone itself. What we are doing here is if you have a tower which is farther from you but has an EDGE connection while your nearest tower doesn't have edge ,then you can use this to get connected to that specified tower. This also helps if the tower nearest to you is very crowded and you get less speed, So you can use this to get connected to a farther tower which has less traffic and so will probably give you better speeds.
-Open the FieldTest, Navigate through the menus using up and down arrows
-Look up in menu 6.12. Here check the field "EGPRS support" if you get "0" here then you are using GPRS, if u get "1" here then you are getting EDGE
Getting tower information:
-Go to menu 1.03. This menu shows you the signals of neighboring towers your phone receives, Write down in a piece of paper the CH number (the first 3 digits of each line) for:
Serving cell info
Neighbour info
Neighbour info and so on till menu 1.05
Testing each tower:
We have collected the CH numberss of all the towers in your coverage. Let us test each of them to find which has EDGE connection
-Now go to menu 1.12-press "options"
-select "excecute"
-Under "input value" enter the CH number of the first tower, press OK
-Now in the BTS test instead of "OFF" you should now see the CH number you entered.You have successfully selected that tower
-Now go to menu 6.12, Here check the field "EGPRS support" if you get "0" here then you are using GPRS, if u get "1" here then you are getting EDGE,you may also check the download speed you getting with this tower
-Repeat this for each tower and decide which is the best for you
NOTE: You might have noticed that the tower which gives the highest download speed MAY NOT give you the best coverage(range), This is because you have selected a neighboring tower than the one near you, that is normal.That is it. Exit the application and enjoy.
To revert back to normal,just restart the phone.One more thing, This application has a lot of other features. Best thing to do is not to play with them.

How To Remove TAN from Hands / Legs / Skin / Body

Posted By laxmi On 9:19 AM 5 comments

Here I am going to suggest you some ways to remove TAN from your body.

Way 1: You can always remove tan from hands by applying a mixture of curd, haldi and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the tanned areas twenty minutes before you bath for three weeks this will reduce the tan. apart from applying the mixture take care that you are not over exposed to direct sunlight for the period you apply the mixture. When it is unavoidable apply a sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 15 or above 10 minutes before you go out in the sun. Reapply once in three hours if necessary

Way 2: You can also remove the tan by mixing honey and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply it in the tanned areas. this is a very effective home made bleach and it removes tan fast.

All Browser key Board Shortcuts [Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer]

Posted By laxmi On 9:17 AM 1 comments
Keyboard Shortcuts:

Alt + Left Arrow key : To go to back page

Alt + Right Arrow key : To go to next page

Alt + Home key : To go to Home page.

Ctrl + + : To increase font size.

Ctrl + - : To decrease font size

Ctrl + 0 : To Default font size

Ctrl + F : To search any text

Ctrl + G or F3 : To search again last searched

Ctrl + T : To create new tab

Ctrl + N : To create new window

Ctrl + Tab key : To select next tab

Ctrl + W : To close tab.

Ctrl + Shit + T : To restore recently closed tab.

Ctrl + Shift + W : To close window.

Ctrl + F4 : To close tab.

Alt + F4 : To close window

Ctrl + Shift + T : Open recently closed tab.

Ctrl + R : Reload

Ctrl + U : To view page source file

Ctrl + Tab key : To select next tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab key : To select previous tab

Ctrl + 9 : To select last tab

Alt + Enter key : When you typed URL in address bar and you want to open it in a new window then type URL and Press Alt + Enter key.

F11 : To full screen.

F5 : Reload

If you want to Add and Remove buttons in Firefox Standard toolbar by clicking View Menu select Customize in Toolbar option here you can add and remove buttons. To add new button select and drag and drop where you want.

Mouse Shortcuts

Shift + Scroll down button : To go back

Middle click on the tab : To close tab

Ctrl + Scroll Up : To decrease font size

Ctrl + Scroll Down : to increase font size

Double click on tab toolbar : To load new tab

How To Make Unlimited Calls World Wide for Free,Its Real Now!!

Posted By laxmi On 9:15 AM 1 comments
Here I am going to explain about the most exciting issue of the decade "MAKE UNLIMITED CALLS FOR FREE".How to do that? Do continue reading!

Tabrio Communications is a team of digital media professionals whose passion is connecting everyone with the people they care about.

How this site works : Just register to Tabrio and you will get 5$ free, with this credits you can call anywhere in the world for free and when 5$ gets over just delete browser cookies, restart your Modem and you can register you account again with 5$ as credits .
So visit and enjoy :

Note :
You will need a new email id each time you sign up for a new account, so you can use a temporary mail.

How To Protect Your Files and Folders [with Folder Lock]

Posted By laxmi On 9:12 AM 5 comments

Folder Lock is a fast file-security program that can password-protect,lock, hide and encrypt any number of files, folders, drives, picturesand documents in seconds. Protected files are hidden, undeletable,inaccessible and highly secure. It hides files from kids, friends and co-workers, safeguards them from viruses, trojans, worms and spyware, and even protects them from networked PCs, cable users and hackers.
Additional Options include Stealth Mode, Hacker Attempt Monitoring, Shred files, AutoLock, Auto Shutdown PC, Lock your PC, Erase PC tracks, 256-bit Blowfish Encryption and Context Menu in Explorer. It is Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98/98S compatible and works on all kinds of disk types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. Folder Lock is the most downloaded file-security program in the market today.
Files can also be protected on USB Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, CD-RW, floppies and notebooks. Protection works even if files are taken from one PC to another on a removable disk, without the need to install any software. It locks files in Windows, DOS and even Safe Modes.

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