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How To Remove Computer Virus Without Using Antivirus Program

Posted By laxmi On 9:11 AM Under ,
Here I am gonna suggest the approaches that I'm using to remove the viruses. It works 95% of the time.Usually, Viruses install themselves in the startup, so they can rerun every time Windows start.
The key thing is to remove them is to disable them from running when Windows start.Here are some methods I use.

WAY 1:
Go to Run, and type msconfig
Go to StartUp and click Disable All
Restart the machine.
This will normally disable all the programs running in the start, so the virus.

WAY 2:
System Restore
I always try this step first, restore the machine to an earlier time. But most of the time this doesn't work because viruses turn it off.
Go to Run
paste this

WAY 3:
Rename suspicious files
After step 1, go to task manager, if you still see some weird processes (this lists might help) Find the file and rename it, then restart the machine. This method can even kill the chain processes. (Processes running each other).

CTRL+ALT+DEL to run task manager->Processes

WAY 4:
Turn off System Restore and Turn it back on.
Viruses aren't getting any dumper, they use System restore as reproduction environment. By turning System Restore off, you actually delete the entire restore points and possible reproduction of viruses.
Right click my Computer->Properties->System Restore
Check the Turn off System Restore, then check it out again


Here is an video article too,so please do have a look on it...

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