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How To See Hidden Files In Windows XP / Vista

Posted By laxmi On 6:23 AM Under

By default, users are not not supposed to see the hidden files. So the standard way is to go to the “Tools > Folder Options” in Explorer.

Then browse to the “View” tab, in the window like shown in picture 2.

Select the radio button corresponding to “Show hidden files and folders”. Then apply this setting.Close all the explorer windows and then open one Explorer window to check the effect of the new setting.

You can also change this settings in the registry!!

For that type regedit” (without quotes) in the RUN command and press enter.

Then browse to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced”.

In the right hand area, double click on “Hidden”. And change the value to 1.Now close the all the explorer windows. Log off and log in. You should see the effects of your registry change. The hidden files will be shown in the explorer.

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