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How To Face Group Discussion Tips , Skills & Techniques

Posted By laxmi On 4:02 AM Under

A group Discussion is normally to test about these issues at most cases:

1. Communication skills

2. Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject

3. Capability to co-ordinate and lead

4. Exchange of thoughts

5. Addressing the group as a whole

6.Thorough preparation

Why the GDs are organized?

1. To check the communication skills in a group

2. To check the confidence level in front of others

3. Your persuasive skills and ability to influence others

4. Your general awareness of the contemporary issues

5. Your command on the language

6. Your attitudinal traits like aggressiveness. Submissiveness

7. Your body language

8. Your assertiveness

Some Do's for the GDs

1. Try to initiate the discussion if you can , it gives you some premium

2. If not, try to among the first four speakers. Once the fish market sets in your entry will be difficult.

3. Participate at least three to four times in a 15 minutes GD.

4. Discuss the topic in a spirit of joint exploration.

5. Assert and protect your share of time from others.

6. Persist even you fail to enter the GD on a few occasions.

7. In a 15 minutes GD of 10 persons, a participation of 2 to 3 minutes is enough.

8. Your body language should be inclusive ( Smile , Open Posture , Leaning forward , Good eye contact and gentle Nod )

9. Take care of your tonality of voice, pause, pitch , volume,intonation and voice modulation.

10. Observe the correct timing of your participation.

11. Conclude the GD by highlighting the area of agreement among all participants , the majority view and minority view.

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